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Potty training made fun with Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy App

Potty training made exciting and fun with Pull-ups app
Potty training made exciting and fun with Pull-ups app
Huggies Pull-Ups Brand

In a recent interview with Meagan Paullin, Pull-ups Potty Training Partner, she expressed her excitement of how much easier it is to potty train with the help of the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy App for her phone. Megan, like many parents, started potty training her little one when life got in the way. Life became too busy and potty training became more difficult and very stressful. She went to Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy where she found Big Kid Academy App for her phone and so much more. Things became much less stressful and a ton more fun for her and her little one.

Big Kid Academy App- You hear all the time “there’s an app for that” well it seems to be true. This is an amazing app to not only to help you as a parent but to make potty training fun for you big kid. This app has check lists for your child to make sure they have done everything they need to do before going to bed. Giving your child ownership of what they are doing. There is a Big Kid Timer staring Mike and Sulley from Monsters University to remind them to take a potty break. You can set the app to have a Disney character call and congratulate your child on their success. For every flush your child earns stars that will unlock games for them to play. The app does all this and more to help your child get excited and even enjoy potty training.

Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy Site- As fun as the app is for your big kid the website is just as fun and informative for parents. There are videos, games, and celebrations for children. The site has potty training tips, ideas, and advice for parents. There are many great articles that are all about potty training. They have other resources for parents like twitter and facebook discussions where parents, just like you, talk about what they are going through. Pull-Ups has raffles like “First Flush Celebration” where families got a party with all kinds of Pull-Ups goodies. They even have what every parent wants…coupons.

Just imagine a stress free way for your child to be excited about potty training. Your child will be excited to use the potty when they get to interact with their favorite Disney character. The more excited your child is the easier it will be to potty train them. Soon your child will be coming to you telling you they have to potty. Sit back and enjoy this stage in your child’s development with the help of The Big Kid Academy.