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Potty training for preschoolers should be a fun and exciting milestone

Preschool potty training is a magnificent milestone that should be fun and exciting for those who did not reach that milestone as toddlers.

Consistency is key to successful potty training for children with or without medical conditions. If consistency is used and a preschooler has not yet reached that milestone, then concerns should be taken to a physician to rule out or identify any possible medical problems, such as urinary incontinence or chronic constipation or bowel problems.

In being consistent, all caregivers should utilize the same potty training plan. For example, the preschooler will transition from a pull-up to thick cotton panties or underwear during the day. Accidents should be felt and recognized as soon as they happen. Plenty of changes of clothing should be nearby and expected to be used at first.

Preschoolers should receive positive reinforcement for reaching potty training goals. For example, the child will not enjoy the wet feeling when accidents happen, but will look forward to the favorite big girl or big boy thin panties or underwear rewarding a time period without accidents.

Big girl thin panties or big boy thin underwear can be given as a gift for a second or third birthday (or fourth, if the child is not yet trained by then). These thin underpants can also be chosen by the preschooler in a special shopping trip. Girls may choose their favorite character, such as Dora the Explorer. Boys may choose their favorite character, such as Bob the Builder. Tell the preschooler that when they go an entire morning without an accident, they can wear the thin underwear after naptime.

With something to look forward to, preschoolers will gradually transition from thick cotton pants to thinner super hero underpants.

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