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Potty Training advice from Meagan Paullin Pull-Ups Potty Training Partner

Meagan Paullin Pull-Up's potty training partner
Meagan Paullin

Everyone knows that potty training is one of those developmental stages that can be hard and stressful for both the parents and the child. Meagan Paullin Pull-Ups Potty Training Partner has some do’s and don’ts that may just help you and your child have an easier time with potty training.


Make sure your child is ready- You will know when your child is ready when they are following you into the bathroom, wanting to flush the toilet, and talking about going potty.

Make it fun- There are many ways you can encourage your child during potty training. Paullin uses the “Pull-Up Big Kid App” for her phone. “Potty training made fun with Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy App” talks more about the benefits of the app and website Pull-Ups has available. Doing other fun things like doing the potty dance and sticker charter can help your child look forward to using the potty.

Be consistent- “Everyone needs to be on the same page” Paullin talks about how everyone who is helping with potty training doing the same thing so that the child doesn’t get confused while trying to learn these skills.

Take your time- There are so many “potty train your child in three days” programs out there that put a lot of pressure on the child and the parent. “If they don’t get their child potty trained in that time they feel like failures” Paullin explained. “That simply isn’t the case. Everyone develops at a different rate.” Potty training takes time. Learning how to recognize the signs the body gives telling you, you need to go potty takes some time. Just like learning other skills like walking takes times.


Too much change-Most children don’t handle change well. From where the child goes to school, to where they sleep, to who is in the house are all factors when you are potty training. Changing too many things is stressful and doing so during potty training can really make potty training overly stressful. Paullin shared her own experience training her own daughter and how too much change in their house really affected the process in a negative way.

Don’t start and stop- Once you decide to start potty training stick with it. Starting and stopping is confusing for the child. Potty training takes time stick with it your child will catch on.

Stress- “If you stress then your child will stress” Paullin explained how much harder getting her daughter to use the bathroom was when she was stressed. Once Paullin relaxed and let her daughter take the lead potty training became easier and even fun.

Potty training is a developmental stage. Focus on making your child successful. Step back, take a breath and relax, you and your child will make it through this stage. Following these do’s and avoiding the don’ts will help you be successful.

For more helpful information follow Meagan Paullin on her blog at Sunshine and Sippy Cups, on face book Sunshine and Sippy Cups or on Twitter @SunandSipCups

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