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Potty Training 101 with Melissa Joan Hart

You may know Melissa Joan Hart from growing up with “Clarissa Explains it all” or “Sabrina the teenage witch”, and is now working on a show called “Melissa and Joey” on ABC Family. But what you may not know is that she is married with 3 little boys. Mason, Brayden and Tucker. When Mason was 2 years old, she began helping moms with the milestone of potty training. Melissa wrote a blog about her venture in potty training and has also had interviews with many magazines and parenting organizations.

Melissa Joan Hart talks about Potty Training
Melissa Joan Hart talks about Potty Training
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clarissa explains it all
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She explains in her video how she has teamed up with Pull Ups for a great resource in potty training kids the website for pull ups is

On pull you can join the “Big Kid Academy” and they also have success stories and articles and different tricks you can try.

Once you get to site, click get started and it will set you up with a quiz its almost like they are personally catering to each mom and dad out there. They also offer a prep list, and different activities, charts, and rewards for your child.

Just by doing the research, I have found such a reliable access for parents who are potty training their child.

Melissa also explains in her interview her tips for potty training.

1. Know when your child is ready- there are signs to show when kids are ready for potty training. If your child stays dry for long periods of time then you know its time to start.

2. Make potty training time personal. If your child a little potty make it special for him or her, Melissa says she had her son decorate his potty with stickers.

3. Her last tip is using praise and rewards as well. Using different rewards is also helpful.

Your can see the entire video on this page on the side of the article. On that video you can hear more what she has to say. Whatever stage you in right now in your potty training, don’t forget to go to pull where you can find many tools and resources. Good Luck in your training! Hope this helps you!

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