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Pottery pet store

The Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory is one of the first places to go when you visit Alexandria, Virginia. There is always an interesting theme that is supported by high quality work from local potters. The theme for September is “Beauty and the Beast”.

Jennifer Coffin, bird sculpture
Jennifer Coffin
My pet dog
James George

Before getting to that, here’s an idea. If you like animals and don’t have a pet, consider a pottery pet. I did. I have had a ceramic dog plate that is made by my niece that I have had for 20 years, at least. You don’t have to feed it and it is very low maintenance. It hangs on the wall on a plate rack. It doesn’t bark, nor does it require frequent outside visits. It does take some occasional dusting.

See the photo of my pet dog by Molly Souders, artist, San Francisco.

When stories come from Tracie Griffith Tso, potter, painter, and writer, I lay back and just read them. Here is an instance.

“One for you, one for me: Pet pottery and furry, feathery souls in ceramics

Alexandria, Va., September 1, 2014 -- Benji can bark for a bowl, Snowball will snuggle for a sculpture and Polly preens for a plate as the clay artists at Torpedo Factory Art Center's Scope Gallery portray a life more wild with those wooly, woofy and downright downy in its "Beauty and the Beasts" show.

The Kiln Club is on safari this month, creating work dedicated to quadrupeds over evolved uprights. Whether decorative or functional handmade ceramic work, this collection is more menagerie than gallery.

For your licking Lassie who needs much more than a leash, fetch hand painted food dishes, textured sculptures and pawful plates. Frisky will be catatonic over handmade sushi plates and fish-themed dinnerware and trays to serve tidbits for the most finicky. Funky banks are fashioned after more than Wilbur as turtles and guinea pigs offer additional financial services.

For those trending toward majestic tastes, artistic originals of sandpiper sculptures, horse platters and lumbering bears offer untamed artistry. Herd of arc art more exotic than tromping oxide-finished elephants and raku-fired bison? Even giant pandas are not scarce this September, coming with cuddly little ones. See full flocks of ducks, bands of bunnies and a house of hens.

Don't wait a whisker! Scat, scurry and scamper down to artistic Alexandria with an Alpo-eater and woof up creative creature clay.”

Tracie Griffith Tso

OMG, let’s discuss:

“The Kiln club is on safari.” What a concept. Potters go to their respective studios and lather up some clay, and while they are kneading it to remove the air bubbles they are contemplating their creations from which beasts get the best of them.

See the slideshow.

The Kiln Club show runs September 1 to 28, Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with Thursdays open until 9 p.m. The gallery is located at 105 North Union Street, ground floor, Alexandria, VA. 22314. For further information call the Scope Gallery at 703-548-6288 or visit and Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center on Facebook.

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