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Pottery Barn sneak peek

Alaina Kaczmarski and Yvonne Kaczmarski
Alaina Kaczmarski and Yvonne Kaczmarski

Monica Bhargava, VP of Product Development

On February 4th, the new Pottery Barn at the Clark and Division shopping district opened its doors and offered a sneak peek at the new location and new spring merchandise.

Located at 1000 West North Avensue in the West Elm parking lot, the new Pottery Barn has only moved one block away from the old location, but the layout of the new store makes all the difference in the world.  The new floor plan has the room to expand and gives each visual display room to stand out on it's own.  At the back of the store there is a wing dedicated solely to bed and bath decor.  The colors of this wing are light and muted, making the guest feel relaxed immediatly.

The event was hosted by Pottery Barn and Factio Magazine.  Wine and Lychee martinis were at the ready as well as several tables brimming with nosh of the highest quality.

The new spring line of products has a whimsical quality.  My favorite items were the rabbit salt and pepper shakers and the birdcage napkin rings.  The silverware collections were rustic and heavy.  My favorite set was the feather handled silver.

Candace Jordan, Susanna Negovan, Trina Werner, Vicki McWilliams
Candace Jordan Susanna Negovan Trina Werner & Vicki McWilliams

The caliber of guests there that night was mind blowing.  Heavy hitters in the PR and publishing world of Chicago showed up such as Candace Jordan and Susanna Negovan.  Pottery Barn PR and product developers were there as well, such as Monica Bhargava and Leigh Oshirak.

Many there took note of the layout of the store and the hot discussion was the amount of room available to the new Pottery Barn location.

Katie Rhinehart, Jenn Mann, Kearsi Hessler, and Kathleen Cullinan
Katie Rhinehart, Jenn Mann, Kearsi Hessler, & Kathleen Cullinan

As the night wound down to a close, the tables of appetizers began to be replaced with platefuls of sweets.  Guests who had found purchases they just couldn't live without made their way to cash counter, and the press took another sweep of the store, taking notes on the amazing visual displays.

Leigh Oshirak, Abigail Jacobs, and Michaela Wilkinson
Director of Brands Leigh Oshirak, Abigail Jacobs, & Michaela Wilkinson

Before I headed for the door, I had the pleasure of meeting Pottery Barn's Director of Brands, the lovely Leigh Oshirak.  She took a moment to speak with me about Pottery Barn and the direction it's taking.  Look for slightly more masculine products to be lining the shelves there in the next year.  Oshirak explained that Pottery Barn understands that they are missing out on a big piece of the market by not having enough masculine pieces.  In the mean time, check out Pottery Barn's little sister, West Elm.  Located next door to the new Pottery Barn location, West Elm has a modern flair that feels slightly younger and edgier than Pottery Barn.  One thing that should be realized and accepted by the young gentlemen of America is that when you bring a date over to your house, that said date is going to take in every inch of your home.  They'll even note the glasses you serve them drinks in and the plates that you bring them food on.  Hop to a Pottery Barn or West Elm immediatly and stock up your kitchen so that it looks like an adult lives there.

Maureen Refvem, Ryan Beshel, Candice Purnell, and Paige Peterson
the author with Ryan Beshel, Candice Purnell and Paige Peterson

At the end of the evening, Ryan M. Beshel of Julie Darling Inc, Candice Purnell of the Mayor's Office of Special Events, Paige Peterson of the HAUTE Spot, model Christina Mighty , and myslef made our way over to J. Alexanders.  We enjoyed their delicious wine selection, and continued to discuss the new location of Pottery Barn.

Check out the new location the second you have a chance.  It's breathtaking in there, and the layout has to be seen to be believed.  Many special thanks to Ryan M. Beshel, Leigh Oshirak, Megan Richards, and Nicole Benzer.



  • md 5 years ago

    Enjoyed the article! I like the idea of Pottery Barn focusing more on the male perspective--so many young professional men are looking to jazz up their apartments.

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