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Potsdam police seek graffiti maker

Outside Key Bank, Potsdam - "The Revolution has Begun!"
Outside Key Bank, Potsdam - "The Revolution has Begun!"
Mike Ezzo

Living in a college town, things tend to surprise me less and less everyday. So when I walked out of my apartment this morning and saw graffiti on the buildings surrounding my building, I hardly seemed to notice.

But a news crew outside my window and a police investigation caught my attention.

Police say the graffiti appeared sometime between 10:45 pm and midnight Tuesday night in the Prosh parking lot just off of Elm Street.

Vulgar language and designs scattered the walls between Key Bank and the laundromat behind the Roxy Theater. In a few spots was the phrase "the Revolution has Begun."

Village police are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information is asked to call 315-265-2121.

Updates will become available as they surface.


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