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Potholes in Chicago are a major problem again

Potholes on Chicago streets (photographed in 2013)
Potholes on Chicago streets (photographed in 2013)
Huffington Post

Once again this winter, Chicago is faced with a severe pothole problem due to the harsh winter and the city’s inability to patch up the holes quickly enough for drivers to avoid the potholes and other traffic dangers caused by the poor pavements. Even though the city claims that CDOT has filled in excess of 150,000 potholes, according to an ABC report on Friday, the menacing holes in Chicago are quite honestly found here, there, and everywhere as one tries to maneuver a vehicle in the city.

In spite of the city claiming that there are 22 pothole-repairing crews, drivers are furious with the situation. One driver stated that he hit an unforeseen pothole going south on Damen Avenue just before reaching the Stevenson Expressway (I-55) on the city’s south side, and more than a week later, he found himself dodging the same pothole. The street had apparently not been touched by any city workers. The first time he hit it as a blizzard was starting in the city, the repair of the rim and new hub cap at a car dealership cost him about $120. He said, “I’ve hit many other potholes since. There’s no way to avoid them.” He dreads having yet more pothole-issues before the roads are satisfactorily repaired.

The city claims that some roads simply need to be repaved, but that won’t happen until the summer arrives.

While the city asserts that it is doing as well as should be expected, there is a major difference between driving through most any suburb's streets near Chicago and driving within Chicago's city limits. Chicago is failing on the pothole issue bigtime.

Besides pothole problems, there are massive problems with frozen fire hydrants and pipes with the cold temperatures continuing throughout the area.

Another problem this winter among homeowners is ice dams. Ice dams occur on homes’ roofs when a great deal of snow piles up, and then extreme cold temperatures arrive.

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