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Potential for civil unions bill passage shines spotlight on Rev. Tony Buckley

Rev. Tony Buckley of Rev. Tony Weddings
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The Colorado legislature is on the verge of making history. Should Senate Bill 2 pass, it will make Colorado the latest in a growing list of states adding civil union laws to their books. When voters in Colorado closed the door on same-sex marriage in 2006, there was not much hope of there being any outlet for same-sex couples to be granted the same status as their heterosexual counterparts. But thanks to the tireless effort of more than a few concerned Coloradoans, most notably Sen. Pat Steadman, and Rep. Mark Ferrandino, there is hope for legal acceptance.

Should the bill pass, the result could create a tidal wave of opportunity that will spill into the business sector almost immediately. Attorneys, financial services professionals, even event planners should prepare for an onslaught of business coming to their door. For the enterprising professional, these could be heady times, and could create some impressive revenue for their business. Some savvy professionals have been prepared for this opportunity; even before civil unions were an option.

Rev. Tony Buckley is one such enterprising professional. He is the owner and officiates at the commitment ceremonies of Rev. Tony Weddings in Denver. Since 2009, Rev. Tony has been joining same-sex couples in “matrimony,” and has performed more that 180 same-sex commitment ceremonies.

“I really enjoy doing this type of ministry,” says Rev. Tony. “I do not believe that you should be denied the right to have a public religious ceremony just because you are a same sex couple. I love seeing two people who are in love join their lives together.”

The premise behind Rev. Tony Weddings is simple; to do whatever is necessary to insure a couple is happy and feels special on their big day. To that end, Rev. Tony goes that extra mile.

“Love is love, no matter your age, race, creed or sexual orientation,” says Rev. Tony. “Everyone should have the right to celebrate that love with their friends and family.”

From a business perspective, what sets Rev Tony Weddings apart is, simply, Rev. Tony. Raised Roman Catholic, Rev. Tony struggled with his own sexuality from an early age, and soon realized the conflict a same sex relationship can create.

“I went through some very conflicting times and chose to rebel from the world I was raised in,” says Rev. Tony. “As a result, I got into some trouble with the law. It was during this time that I met a minister who accepted me as I was, and taught me to do the same. I went to seminary, and in 2006 I was ordained. Through it all, I have always felt that love is not defined by sexuality…by who we choose to love. That is the biggest part of the message I pass along to the couples I join together…to embrace the love you share with each other, and most important to love and accept yourself as God made you!”

Rev. Tony embraced his calling after obtaining Associates degrees in Business Administration and Education, and after working as a middle school teacher, and then Director of Operations for the OnStar division of General Motors. Rev. Tony has also been in a relationship with his partner, Terry, for 13 years. Together the pair has raised 3 children, and are the proud grandparents of 6.

Should Senate Bill 2 not pass in the coming days, Rev. Tony does not expect his business to grind to a halt. On the contrary, he will continue to provide his own special brand of care and compassion to the lucky couples who choose him to join their lives together.

“Love is love,” says Rev. Tony, “no matter what.”

Rev. Tony Weddings services the Denver, Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail areas. He offers special discounts for all military, disabled veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters and medical personnel. For more information call Rev. Tony at (823) 401-7234, or visit his Facebook page.


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