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Potential 'Demon's Souls 2' PS4 reveal leaked once again

'Dark Souls 2'
'Dark Souls 2'
Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco Games, used with permission

The reveal of "Demon's Souls 2" for the PS4 have been leaked once again. According to a report from VG247 on May 30, several clips have appeared online showing the potential sequel on Sony's next-generation system. The short videos provided a look at the desolated locations, humanoid enemies and a possible boss battle.

The main character can also be seen wearing a hat along with cloak. A shotgun was used at one point to attack of group of enemies as well. The video game has a tentative title of "Project Beast." A previous game of the franchise, "Dark Souls," was referred to as "Project Dark" before having an official name. As a result, it appears that there may be some validity to the leak.

Earlier reports suggested that a spiritual successor to "Demon's Souls" was in development on the PS4. However, insiders weren't sure if the upcoming title will be named "Demon's Souls 2" or be a completely new intellectual property. The first game came out only for the PS3 in 2009. An executive from Sony Computer Entertainment admitted in the past that they made a mistake not to publish the software product in North America.

It appears that the publisher is compensating for their mistake with "Project Beast." From Software, the same studio that worked on the recently-released "Dark Souls 2," will be developing the upcoming game. Furthermore, the Japan Studio of Sony Computer Entertainment is helping out with the production.

"Dark Souls 2" came out for the PS3 and Xbox One in March before being released on the PC in April. All three games were published by Bandai Namco Games. You can find a screen featuring the sequel from the third-party publisher's Facebook page with the photo attached near the top side of this article. For "Project Beast," it appears that Sony Computer Entertainment will end up publishing the new game.