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Potato salad Kickstarter destroys funding goal

A potato salad Kickstarter project that started out with goal to raise only $10 has exceeded it by 500,000 percent. The humorous campaign raised $55,492 in only thirty days. According to Gizmodo on August 2, 2014, they also attracted an enormous 6,911 backers too.

The campaign blew away its initial goal of $10 in the first 24 hours, raising $171 by the end of the first day. Originally Zack Danger Brown, the project's creator wanted to give each backer a spoonful of the potato salad that he promised to make if the funding goal was reached. With so many backers and the costs to safely mail thousands of bites of salad prohibitive, Brown decided instead to make a single bowl of potato salad and to recite the names of each back whilst making it.

As a consolation it was decided midway through the campaign to also host a big party in his hometown of Columbus, OH called "Potatostock 2014." Potatostock will be a free outdoor event hosted in The Columbus Commons on September 27th, 2014, from noon to 8pm. Around 2,000 or so of the backers will get an RSVP to attend the making of the salad in an industrial kitchen on the day of the event as well. Potatostock will include live music, a pizza party and live-streaming of the making of the potato salad to the world.

After the party, some of the remaining funds will go to the Columbus Foundation. To create a permanent fund to help Central Ohio's non-profits end hunger and homelessness. The rest will be used to set up a business as an LLC, pay for hosting and a server to promote humor.

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Full disclosure, I am one of the backers of this campaign. Hopefully, the salad will be big enough for Brown to get to recite my name while making it too.

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