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Pot Will Be Sold Legally

Pot Will Be Sold Legally
Pot Will Be Sold Legally

That's according to a latest poll done by the Pew Research Center. Some 75% of all Americans feel that legalized pot is coming whether they want it or not. It seems that most are saying that the war on marijuana is coming to an end.

Ever since 1996, when the State of California became the first to legalize medical marijuana and now some twenty other states have followed suit that legalization will soon arrive. Right now in Legislatures across the country some sort of discussion is taking place about total legalization or at least like in Florida the legalization of medical marijuana. This is a subject that has gone all the way to the White House with President Obama declaring that he felt alcohol was worse than pot. Attorney General Eric Holder has been pushing Congress to change the drug sentencing laws. Unfortunately, we have a Congress that does not want to work so I don't see anything coming from them for some time.

We have complete legalization in Colorado and Washington states. Colorado is very impressed with the tax revenue that pot is bringing into the state. Many other states are watching to see both the draw backs and the pluses.

No matter how this will end up in the State of Florida, medical marijuana will be legalized. You see we have a version of the Charlotte's Web type of marijuana in the House and the Senate. This is the form that has little or no THC and only CBD which will help those with epilepsy. We also have a version of medical marijuana on the ballot to be voted on by the public. This is showing to run about 75% for implementation. In other words, it will become law and legal.

The times are changing and the mood is one of lets stop the charade and start to pass this measure Nationally. Legalize Marijuana. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to