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Pot vending machines in Denver?

Pot may soon be available in vending machines within Denver dispensaries.
Pot may soon be available in vending machines within Denver dispensaries.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Yes, they do exist. Vending machines containing marijuana and edibles may soon be making an appearance in local dispensaries. There are no plans for having the machines in other public locations, likely due to regulations.

Thankfully, even if they were, the machines do not allow any purchases to be made by minors. In order to use the machines, one must first scan their ID to confirm their age. Software in the machines scans official data bases to be sure the ID is valid.

Of course, there is also the chance that someone may use a stolen or borrowed ID card for their pot machine purchase. Developers are working on a way to thwart this issue. However, having the machines limited to “pot shops” certainly serves to make parents more comfortable that junior won't simply swipe their ID to make a purchase.

What's the benefit of these machines? Since they are located in dispensaries, what's the point? Can't people just go to the counter and make the same purchase? Think of it like the ticket purchasing machine at the movie theater. People use those to save themselves a long wait in line. It's the same principle.

What do you think of marijuana vending machines? Time saving wonder or bad idea with potential for larger issues? Leave a comment!

Source: CBS Local

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