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Pot-smoking third graders: Sonora Elementary School kids caught with marijuana

Sorona Elementary School
Sorona Elementary School
CBS News

Three third-grade students were caught smoking pot in Sonora Elementary School’s bathroom, according to a CBS report on Tuesday. A 9-year old child and two 8-year-olds were caught be another student – who told on them – last week on February 27.

After school officials were notified, they contacted police who questioned the youngsters. Following the questioning by police, the kids were released to the custody of their parents.

Chris Boyles, the principal of Sonora Elementary School – where the incident occurred – refused to speak about the incident to members of the press, but Leigh Shampain, the superintendent of the local schools, did confirm that the students were caught smoking marijuana in the school’s washroom. The superintendent did not talk to the media about discipline measures that would be given to the students.

The matter was given to the Tuolumne County Probation Department for further actions according to the report.

Where the kids got the marijuana cigarettes - and learned how to light-up - was not revealed.

Sonora Elementary School is located at 830 Greenley Road in Sonora, California.

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