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Pot researcher fired: Study by pot researcher for medical use 'thwarted' by UA

A pot researcher fired from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix is considering legal action against the school. Dr. Suzanne Sisley was terminated from her job and she blames conservative politics in the Arizona Legislature for encouraging the UA not to renew her contract with them, Arizona Daily Star reports July 10. The university says they don't comment on personnel issues.

Sisley was the medical marijuana researcher at the college who was a big part of urging state legislators to approve state funding for a study to learn if the drug would be effective in treating post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Sisley's attorney, Jason Flores-Williams, tells The Daily Beast:

"We can independently corroborate Dr. Sisley’s outstanding performance reviews and show that she was generally recognized as being one of the most respected teachers and doctors on staff. The ones who are being injured here are veterans, people who have already sued the country."

The marijuana researcher place responsibility on "hyper-conservative lawmakers" in Arizona who she says are "fundamentally opposed to marijuana research." She states that some lawmakers have made it known that "weed research is a strategy for achieving marijuana legalization" and don't want universities supporting this type of work.

Dr. Suzanne Sisley isn't surprised at this development because she said the university did the best they could to "thwart the study at every turn."

The pot researcher fired has this to express:

"It’s so clearly about politics, not science. Republicans feel like this is the pill they need to die on. We keep asking, 'What are you afraid of?'"

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