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Pot lovers convene for annual 4-20 celebration at CU Boulder


At 4:20 on Tuesday, a throng of marijuana mavens lit up their bongs, joints and other smoking paraphernalia at the annual 4-20 celebration at CU Boulder’s Norlin Quad.  The event, which brings together the local cannabis culture, was attended by 8,000 (campus estimate) or 15,000 (festival organizer’s estimate) participants, depending on who you would like to believe.

When recreationally consumed, marijuana is illegal.  For medical purposes however, Colorado is one of 14 states that permits marijuana consumption with a doctor’s prescription.  The percentage of attendees at yesterday’s festivities that were legal consumers is not clear.

Although not a campus-sanctioned event, CU administrators and festival organizers have developed an understanding over the years in which the school tolerates 4-20 activities while participants keep their activities peaceful and contained.  As CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard told the Dscriber, "our options are very limited. It's not worth it to get into a confrontation.”

For more information about the history of 4-20, please read the Wikipedia article.


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