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Pot full of goodness

Recently the conservative world was somewhat stunned by an article carried in Yahoo News written by one of my favorite conservative writers Michelle Malkin, titled “My Trip to the Pot Shop” where she describes her surprise and apparent satisfaction from the visit. It was a very informative and interesting article.

Gov. Perry moves one step closer
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I encourage you to read with both an open heart and an open mind as her article was my inspiration.

As a conservative Christian Republican I had always been on the side of anti-marijuana thinking I knew everything about it; I did not.

Now I am completely on the other side.

YES as an epileptic I agree completely with Michelle Malkin and favor legalization.

Like most epileptics my current medication metabolizes in my liver and long term use will ultimately destroy my liver but marijuana does not.

It not only prevents seizures (if taken correctly) but prevents the dreaded pre-seizure auras which sometimes last for days.

Any epileptic (especially Grand General Epileptics like me) will tell you the pre or post seizure aura is usually worse than the seizure itself. The seizure is there and gone within a few seconds to minutes and most of the time the patient isn't even aware of what happened.

With the aura however, the patient has all kinds of negative experiences from seeing stars, weird colors, enhanced sound and smell and you often have the dreaded deja vu experience or feeling like you are in two places at once which just doesn't go away.

Although this writer has not yet used cannabis in any form with regard to my epilepsy, those that have tell me the aura experience totally disappears and seizures are either reduced or disappear as well.

For me this alone is reason enough for legalization of marijuana.

The aura experience also shared by other neurological disorders almost completely disappears when medicinal marijuana is utilized properly.

Epilepsy in Europe has become almost non-existent in countries like France and Germany where epilepsy medicine created from cannabis is widely available; yet Americans are not even free to obtain these products on line or through Canadian pharmacies where they are sold.

Viagra is available and sent freely through the mail from Canada to the United States without a prescription but if the epilepsy medicine is going to an American address the Canadians are not allowed to send it. This is simply wrong.

European, Asian, Central and South American countries have known of the medicinal value of cannabis for decades.

There are numerous neurological medicines produced in those countries and prescribed by doctors there every day. It is only in the United States that the medicinal use is vastly restricted.

Only in states where marijuana has been made legal can those patients in need feel safe to access the medicine they need.

There are other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy of every kind from which variations of cannabis become one of the most effective drugs “not on the market”.

There is even increasing evidence that cannabis is effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke and paralyzed persons.

There are some studies which show many seniors using recreational marijuana have no signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s as they grow older.

One of the little known benefits of cannabis is that it “naturally” lowers blood pressure; of course the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want this fact known as it would all but end the billion plus dollar yearly production of high blood pressure medication available only by prescription.

Pharmaceutical companies dislike the legalization of marijuana because proper use both medicinally and recreation-ally could destroy the pharmaceutical companies and many forms of neurological and psychiatric treatment including less doctors, psychologist, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

What a shame, people might actually get well without doctors.

Many prescription drugs are synthetic (made in the lab) and “temporarily” arrest or mask the problem rather than actually eliminating the problem or illness.

Natural and alternative medications including marijuana (which is an herb) actually help both long term and permanent neurological conditions without allot of side effects (when taken properly).

Marijuana can be substituted for high blood pressure medicine, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, ADD and ADHD, OCD and many more prescription medications.

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has even shown marijuana can lower blood sugar.

Everyone is well aware of marijuana use increasing appetite but few realize it also helps many obese people to lose weight. Have you ever seen an obese pot user?

Also well-known is marijuana’s effectiveness in fighting nausea and pain in cancer and aids patients and its ability to help reduce pressure in the eye of glaucoma patients.

How I wish I could have obtained some marijuana legally for my mom as she lay dying in pain and unable to eat for nearly two years instead of having to remain on morphine and other opiate derivatives. I could have had more meaningful conversations with her rather than the ramblings and hallucinations caused by the addictive morphine.

She might also have lived a little longer by being able to eat and be more mobile.

Most doctors refuse to admit or just don't know much of this information and in many cases even deny it because of their financial relationship to the pharmaceutical companies.

The argument to decriminalize marijuana doesn't just end with its effective medicinal uses.

States who decriminalize the drug can gradually reduce prison sizes and also allow their police departments to focus on more serious crime.

States like Colorado which chose to regulate and tax marijuana are making money big time off the legalization just like alcohol since prohibition days ended.

These states are also creating new jobs and businesses.

The greatest benefit however, is to the patients which are now able to obtain their medication legally; although most European made drugs are still prohibited due to import restrictions.

Slowly but surely however, more states are allowing duplication of these products where medicinal marijuana is legal.

In short, as more states show a profit from the legalization, more states will legalize this beneficial drug.

Here in Texas many people were surprised recently when outgoing Governor Rick Perry called for the decriminalization of marijuana.

After this writer’s research and personal experience with epilepsy, let’s take it one step further Mr. Governor; let’s fully legalize marijuana use in the state of Texas.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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