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Pot cookie: Exchange student dies after eating pot cookie, jumping off balcony

Wikimedia Commons

A pot cookie death is making news today, weeks after a 19-year-old exchange student from Republic of Congo fell off a balcony after consuming a "pot cookie." On April 2, The Inquisitr reported that Levi Thamba Pongi was in Colorado on Spring Break when he sampled one of these cookies while hanging out with some of his friends.

"The trip ended with Levi Thamba plunging off a Holiday Inn balcony after experiencing a bad reaction to consuming a pot cookie, authorities say" (The Inquisitr). At 19, however, Pongi is not old enough to purchase legal marijuana -- or marijuana "cookies."

The pot cookie must have been purchased by someone over the age of 21 -- and there was one student in Pongi's group that was of age. The problem is -- if he confesses to purchasing the pot cookie that ultimately killed his friend, he could face criminal charges.

Authorities say that Pongi had a "bad reaction" to the "treat." Another friend also ate one of the cookies and began feeling ill so he stopped eating it. For Pongi, however, his fate was sealed. He began acting strange, his speech "erratic." When his friends tried to calm him down, he went out onto the balcony of their hotel -- and then he jumped.

The pot cookie incident is a first of its kind in Colorado.

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