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Posting Your Relationship on Facebook Means Low Self-Esteem

Facebook is a social networking system that people use to connect with old friends. To some people it is good to others it causes drama. Some girls use it to brag about their relationship.

When somebody brags about their relationship all over Facebook it is because they have low self-esteem or their relationship isn't as good. They don't want people to know so they make it look like they have the best relationship in the world when in reality they don't.

When you are really happy with someone you do not need to make the whole world see it all the time. If your loved one buys you something there is nothing wrong with texting a "Thank You" instead of putting it where the whole world could see. This could cause single people to feel bad.

When you have high self-esteem you won't brag about your relationship because you are content with it. You know that the person you love cares for you and you don't need to brag.

Some girls do it because their self-esteem is low and they are insecure that their boyfriend will find someone else. So they take a million pictures with a guy and they mark their territory.

Some girls don't feel happy so they use Facebook as a way to make them happy. They act like they have the perfect relationship just to feel good about themselves.

If you are one of those girls don't do it or keep it to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with having a picture of you and your guy but don't do it to the fact where people think you are obsessed. If you make your whole page about your relationship with him than you are obsessed. It's not healthy to do it and it shows that you do not have a life of your own. Healthy couples love each other and spend time with each other but they also have their own life also.

If you know a girl who does it and it gets to you, try to not let it effect you. It is hard especially if you are single but there are many reasons why girls do it. You don't know about their relationship. Just because they are happy on Facebook doesn't mean they are happy with each other in real life.

Every couple has their ups and downs. Relationships are work but what the right person it does come easy. If you are happy with your relationship and yourself you won't find the need to brag and make the single people feel bad.

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