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Poster of Kim Jong Un hair gets London barber a visit from North Korea embassy

Kim Jong Un haircut poster has some scary side effects!
Kim Jong Un haircut poster has some scary side effects!
M&M Hair Academy/ Twitter

When a West London hair salon owner created an ad using a picture of the dictator Kim Jong Un, it wasn’t done to start an international incident. That is what it must have felt like when two men showed up from the North Korea embassy and told him to take it down as it was “disrespectful" to their North Korea leader, according to Fox News on April 16.

The ad was done on a poster and it hilariously pointed out that Kim Jung Un’s coiffure was a good example of a “bad hair day.” His salon then offered a special price for a haircut in the ad. The two men first showed up taking pictures of the poster and jotting notes down in a notebook. They then came into the hairdresser’s shop and were adamant about the poster coming down. Mo Nabbach called the police, according to MSN News today.

Nabbach, who runs the salon, first refused to take the ad down, but he did later. The poster had Kim in the middle of a military salute and a smile on his face, but the emphasis was on the haircut, which looks as if Kim has a nest plopped upon his head.

His traditional hairdo with the shaved sides and thick top is now adopted as North Korea’s official haircut for university students. That’s right, Kim seems to think that his haircut looks so dashing that he now requires all university students to clone their coiffures after his.

Nabbach’s decision to remove the poster of the North Korean dictator from his window was due to the “overwhelming” interest from the people passing by his shop. It also blocked out the sunlight! Nabbach was not the only one who was notified that his poster was not appreciated, the police got a call from the North Korea embassy.

The embassy is just a 10-minute walk from the hairdresser’s shop in the same Ealing neighborhood. The police spoke to the folks at the embassy and to Nabbach and said that no laws were broken with this poster, so the shop is not under investigation.

What was once a poster sitting in a London barber shop window and seen by a couple of hundred people a day at most, is now a viral picture reaching across the globe. By making this an issue it is seen by millions today, which is probably even more embarrassing to the dictator! Maybe the embassy should have left well enough alone and let it ride out a few weeks until the ad got old and taken down?

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