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Poster Kim Jong Un hair: Poster in London of Jong Un's hair draws N.Korea's ire
Bad hair day? Definitely.

A poster of Kim Jong Un’s hair, hanging in a London salon, has rankled North Korean embassy members, who reportedly visited the salon and demanded that the owner immediately take down the advertisement.

According to a report Tuesday from The Associated Press, as carried by MSN News, “staff at a London hair salon say they had a close shave with North Korean officials after using the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, to promote discount haircuts.”

M&M Hair Academy got a visit last Friday from a pair of very serious North Koreans, who did not see the humor in the cheeky poster of the Supreme Leader. The advertisement, offering “15% off gent cuts through the month of April,” showed a smiling Jong Un saluting with his trademark, buzzed-up hairdo, parted in the middle like a couple of ram horns. Above the pic, the poster asked: “Bad hair day?”

The Daily Mail reports that Kim’s hairstyle, as absurd and childish as it looks, is the only communist-approved style available to young men, who of course all want to look like their portly tyrant. “The Supreme Leader decreed last month that all young men should follow his short back and sides with centre parting – or face severe punishment,” writes the Daily Mail.

A barber who works at the salon said the manager refused to remove the poster and subsequently reported the incident to London police.

The AP report says London's Metropolitan Police confirmed Tuesday that officers had spoken to both sides of the dispute and concluded “there were no offenses for us to investigate.”

The shop is owned by Mo Nabbach, who said he first noticed the North Koreans outside his salon window looking at the poster and taking pictures.

“They came in and asked what the poster was doing in the window and demanded for it to be taken down,” Nabbach said, adding that they called the poster “disrespectful.” Nabbach said he told them “it was only a poster and we have pictures of celebrities in the window all the time,” to which they replied: “This is no celebrity, it's our dear leader.”

Nabbach stood his ground, as he has every legal right to do so.

“They asked for my name and I refused to give it to them, saying ‘This is not North Korea, this is England, and you can get out.’”

Queen 1, Jong-Un nil.

“They left and I called the police just in case they ended up smashing the windows,” Nabbach said. “We did take it down but then some of our clients told me to put it back up because we have a democracy here.”

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