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Postal carrier allegedly smashed small dog's skull with rock

According to Monday's publication of the Star-Telegram, a Fort Worth, Texas, couple's small dog died after a postal carrier allegedly smashed him in the head with a rock on Saturday morning.

Family photo

Lawrence Brown, owner of the five-year-old Yorkshire terrier who died, told the Star-Telegram that the dog had escaped from his fenced yard late Saturday morning - he was alerted to a problem when he heard the dog, named "Maxwell," crying in pain.

Brown rushed to see who was injured and realized that it was his wife's beloved dog who was crying. Brown alleges that he asked the postal carrier what he did to the dog - the carrier responded:

"I did what I had to do."

Though Maxwell was rushed to a veterinarian for care, the injuries, which included a shattered skull and injured spinal cord, dictated that humane euthanasia was the only option.

The dog's death has been reported to the local authorities, and the postal service; though no arrests have been made, an investigation is underway.

According to Maxwell's owners, the postal carrier knew the dog - the Browns claim that their dog had always behaved in a friendly manner towards the postal service employee.

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