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Post travel tip: Organizing your vacation souvenirs

Purchase souvenirs that can be used as part of your home's decor during your upcoming vacation getaway
Purchase souvenirs that can be used as part of your home's decor during your upcoming vacation getaway
Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Every family comes home from a vacation with more than what they left with. Once you are home, you have to find a place to put your souvenirs without creating a cluttered, disorganized home. Then, when sorting through the clutter it is difficult to get rid of your vacation souvenirs because they hold happy memories of your getaway. I have created a list to help you avoid vacation clutter and keep organized when adding souvenirs to the home.

First things first. Consider only purchasing items you will use. Buy boxes, baskets, dishes and the like. This way you will not feel like your souvenirs are cluttering up your home. Unique ceramic bowls can be placed on book shelves and used to hold smaller items. Artwork can be hung up on a wall where you will see your vacation memories on a daily basis, without the artwork cluttering up a desk top or closet.

Here are some other great display options for your vacation souvenirs:

  • Place on the fireplace mantel
  • Display in a curio cabinet
  • Set up on a plate shelf or other knick knack shelf

For those souvenirs that are no longer being displayed, but you just cannot get rid of, make a memory chest. Purchase an old-fashioned suitcase or wood chest. Designate this as a vacation memory box, only storing items purchased from your vacations. For kids, purchase a solid wood box and let them decorate it before putting their vacation memories inside. The chest or box can be incorporated into a room’s décor, hiding all of your memories while keeping them nearby.

Hopefully these tips will help stop you from cluttering cabinets and closets with all of your vacation souvenirs. If you are still looking for more vacation organizing tips, check out my next article: “Tips for organizing your vacation photos.”

Happy vacationing!!

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