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Post-marathon recovery tips from Olympian Deena Kastor

American record holder Deena Kastor has run her fair share of marathons, which means she’s also had to recover from the 26.2-mile distance plenty of times. Here are three of her time-tested tips, which she shared from the expo of the San Diego Rock ’n Roll Marathon:

Olympian and American-record holder Deena Kastor
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
  1. Take a cold plunge. The cool water is good to “get the blood flowing and get the lactic acid out of (the legs),” Kastor said.
  2. Get a massage. “There’s nothing better than getting a good rub-down after a hard effort,” Kastor said.
  3. Celebrate with family and friends. It’s best to “celebrate your accomplishment, (because) you did a great job,” according to Kastor.

You can see Kastor share her tips in the video posted to the left.

Those are the things Kastor recommends after she finishes running the marathon distance. Marathoners, what do you do to recover from the harrowing race?

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