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Post-It Note inspires kindness in the Upper Peninsula

Post-it notes inspire kindness
Post-it notes inspire kindness

Tahquamenon Area School students in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula will be getting an opportunity to “Have a Heart” this February! Not only does February play host to Valentine’s Day, it is also heart-health awareness month. So what better month to focus on heart-based acts of kindness?

To sweeten the deal, Post-It Note brand products has teamed up with Tahquamenon Area Schools and will be rewarding these acts of kindness with none other than their Heart Pop-up Note Dispenser. Talk about acts of kindness…Post-It Note has been more than generous in donating dispensers for the elementary, middle and high schools! What a great way to start the students off in thinking about ways in which they can be kind!

Like most schools, the Tahquamenon Area School district encourages its students to be kind all year…and to be good for goodness’ sake…just because it is the right thing to do. This month, however, they get to provide students that exhibit compassion, kindness and altruism with a special reward.

Students who complete acts of kindness will be recognized by having their name placed in a random drawing. The more acts of kindness the student completes, the more entries he or she will have. The “Have a Heart” program will wrap up at the end of the month and we’ll give you an update on how it goes.

With a program like this, and a company like Post-It behind it, everyone will be a winner!