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Post Goodness to Go Shakes

For Breakfast or for Anytime
For Breakfast or for Anytime
john dertinger

Post has introduced a shake which can satisfy your hunger anytime of the day. Post Goodness-to-Go breakfast/anytime shake can be a great part of your morning as the protein, fiber, and nutritional contents make for a balanced and satisfying meal replacement. When you look at the ingredients it's easy to see that Post did this right. There are some carbs but there is also a lot of protein. The balance seems just right as your morning can easily go to the mid day without feeling pangs of hunger.

There is fat but it's low in fat. There is salt but not too much. There are calories, but with less than 200 you are being very economical there as well. Balance is truly the main ingredient. There are no artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners and these shakes are available in a variety of flavors including Dutch Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, and Mocha.

Post has found the right balance with this shake. Tasty and not too sweet, it can help to start your day or further propel you during mid day. As we head back to school and get back to work we can count on Post Goodness to Go to help get us through and help us stay on course! Enjoy!