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Post Falls teen arrested for animal cruelty in egregious abuse of family dog

Sadly, Bridger was euthanized last week. Rest in peace Bridger.
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A Post Falls, Idaho teenager was arrested early Friday morning and faces animal cruelty charges for torturing and abandoning his mother's dog in a ditch reported kxly4news.

The disturbing case came to the attention of the Post Falls Police and local fire and rescue departments on July 21 when they rescued the dog from an irrigation ditch. The dog had been stabbed and injured and pushed into the ditch to suffer. Authorities report that the teen threw rocks at the dog and then stabbed the defenseless animal because he was "unhappy" with the dog.

The dog was rescued by the Kootenai County Fire and Rescue.

After extensive interviews, Post Falls Police Chief Scott Haug announced the arrest of the 14-year-old teen; after probably cause had been established.

The dog, named Bridger by his rescuers, was treated for his injuries, but died last week due to pre-existing physical conditions.

The youth has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and has been detained at the Kootenal County Juvenile Center.

Rest in peace Bridger. We are so sorry you had to endure such horrible treatment.

Authorities continue to draw definitive correlations between animal cruelty in youth and potential antisocial and violent behavior in adults. Nearly all violent crime perpetrators have a history of animal abuse in their profiles. Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had an unusual and sick obsession with mutilating animals for amusement. Experts agree that children and teens involved in animal cruelty must be properly addressed, treated and hopefully helped.

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