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So here we are post-Easter and my question is what does that mean to you?
Does it mean that all of the Peeps, chocolate bunnies, children's Easter baskets, Easter clothing, and all sorts of other Easter and spring related paraphernalia go on sale? Does it mean that all of the pomp and circumstance that happened in church on Easter Sunday now gets stored away until next Easter? Does it mean that the crucifixion and resurrection while not quite forgotten are not as in the forefront of our minds until next Lent, Good Friday, and then resurrection Sunday?

Is this now merely a season of Sales?
Is this now merely a season of Sales?
Does the spirit of Easter still fill the air?

For many, Easter is no different than any other "holiday." And what I mean by that is that like any other holiday theirs the preparation that goes into it. This applies to more than just the marketing of the holiday but the actual celebration of the holiday involves prep time as well. People buy things, decorate, send out invitations, travel, cook meals, and go to various churches, mosques, and synagogues to fellowship and worship. Now granted not all holidays involve "worship" in the traditional conservative sense as those of the Abrahamic lineage; St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween also known as all Hallows eve, and Administrative Professionals (formerly known as Secretaries Day) for example. While these holidays do have a certain level of "get together" they do not involve religious celebration (note: Wicca, is excluded only because as I said before I am referring to the more “fundamental” and “conservative” forms of worship that have developed from the Abrahamic lineage).

However, my specific point right now in this article is to address or discuss the post-Easter state of mind and for the specific group of us who are New Thought Christians, metaphysicians, mystics, etc. because for us the post-Easter state of mind should be a bit different from our more conservatively religious brothers and sisters.

The concept that Easter addresses, the idea of resurrection, should ideally be a year round process for us don’t you think? Every so often wouldn’t it be wise to transmute the old self into the new self, being reborn, arisen more and more as the Christ? Easter is about evolving and becoming more in alignment with our True Nature as the Christ Mind (Buddha Mind if you prefer) expanding and is awakening within our current state of consciousness and with each new rebirth, we are illumined a little more, awakened a little more, and a little more enlightened. . .
With this in mind, what will the post-Easter month offer you?
That is ultimately up to you . . .

“Man fails to do the works of Jesus Christ because he attempts to accomplish them from his present level of consciousness. You will never transcend your present accomplishments through sacrifice and struggle. Your present level of consciousness will only be transcended as you drop the present state and rise to a higher level. You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be. Do not attempt this in day-dreaming or wishful thinking but in a positive manner. Claim yourself to be the thing desired. I AM that; no sacrifice, no diet, no human tricks. All that is asked of you is to accept your desire. If you dare claim it, you will express it.” ― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune

The choice is always ours!


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