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Possible V-103 shakeup: said goodbye to Joyce Littel but look who may be back in DC



  • Trina 6 years ago

    Please let Frank Ski go back to DC. He never was a fit for dropper. Ryan should have been in that chair!

  • Profile picture of Victory Waters
    Victory Waters 5 years ago

    So you see some of what I predicted has come true. I will update this shortly. Thanks for reading.

  • Walkitout 6 years ago

    Ryan should be in the morning and Rashan can be back on. Wanda could make Elle intresting. Nicole is a actor not a talker so why would I listen

  • cowboii 78 6 years ago

    not bad but sophia has to go to san fran and i heard frank on dc and we want him so to bad ATL

  • Chase 6 years ago

    Ryan will be great in the morning. Osei is a good seat filler but not permanently. He didn't do too well trying out in nyc. Osei plays good music but isn't as personable as RC. Send Frank wherever. Wanda could help Elle out a bit. Bye bye Sophie. Greg street needs to go to 107.9, hes a good fit there.

    Sad to see Joyce go. She had personality and played a good mix. she will be missed until she airs again.

  • Marty 6 years ago

    How about a fresh face and voice like mine!lol

  • Profile picture of Victory Waters
    Victory Waters 5 years ago

    A fresh face like your own? :) Are you a broadcaster?

  • Evette 6 years ago

    Frank Ski yes do belong in DC, He's only out for personal gain. Ryan should take over the morning slot to compete with the other stations. Elle need to go away. Wanda need to go to Fl. Monica is great on the radio they may want to consider her for a slot in the near future. Bubby love should take over Ryan show.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    guess this never really panned out...

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