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Possible tension between Charles and William

Prince William is young, handsome, wealthy, and royal. He has a popular wife, and a healthy happy son, but behind this ideal picture could lurk a dark family tragedy waiting to present itself; a riff between Prince Charles and Prince William.

Reports are starting to seep out of the royal court that could explain some actions which can seem from the outside as indecision.

After the spectacularly successful tour on which Prince William, Katherine, and young Prince George dazzled the world; Prince William announced he had decided to step away from royal duties and take up flying again. With such a well orchestrated, and successful, introduction of Duchess Katherine, and later Prince George the sudden retreat from public life only makes sense if more were going on behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, it may be the jealousy of Prince Charles.

No one would describe the Prince of Wales as an unloving father. By all accounts he is as caring and affectionate as he had wished his parents had been, but were not.

The problem is that Prince Charles has never been a person to inspire mass adulation and his personality lends itself to being easily overshadowed.

Troubles began to appear when William and Katherine began their wildly popular tour of North America several years ago. In the middle of the tour Charles publicly criticized how style trumps substance when performing royal work.

During the Australia/ New Zealand tour it was reported Camilla had to sooth her husband’s bruised ego when the Duke and Duchess’s tour received worldwide attention while his tour at the same time was almost completely overlooked by the media.

After the triumphant tour some media outlets suggested William follow the queen as Head of the Commonwealth, and sideline Prince Charles.

Recent opinion polls have shown William to be more popular than Charles and even more popular than the queen. There is no concern regarding the queen’s feeling on the matter. She appreciated Diana’s contributions to the monarchy and no doubt sees William’s success in the grand scheme of things. The issue may be Charles and if the public adoration for the Cambridges change his relationship his eldest son.

Prince William is in an unenviable position. With the queen aging he wants to take on more of the burden of royal life and make things easier, but he also cares for his father and is probably all too aware of how deeply his celebrity has hurt the heir to the throne.

William depends on his father in numerous ways. Since William receives no government pay outside of his meager officer’s salary Charles pays the bills for the vast majority of William’s family’s needs including the one point five million pound cost to renovate Kensington Palace.

William may see a need to step away from the spotlight to let his father shine.

Before William decided to leave public life he consulted and received Her Majesty’s approval.

Whatever the reason hopefully, his choice continues the smooth transition from one generation of royals to the next.

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