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Possible "Skinwalkers" in Welles House EVP

Native American demon SkinWalker, or "Corn Demon" who is known to have reptilian body and almost human like face may be the EVP that was caught while Photographer Krisi Konvict was recording toward the end of an interview at the infamous Welles House.

Welles House EVP resembles "SkinWalker"
Krisi Konvict

"The creature is generally described as snake or lizard-like in the body, with the face neither wholly reptilian nor other identifiable species; it is sometimes described as having an owl-like appearance, with reptilian eyes but no feathers. The body is said to be brownish-green and overall darkly shaded, with the face and throat a ghostly yellow or white. It is said to lurk in the soil beneath corn or bean fields mainly in the bottom lands. It can rapidly rise from the dirt and seize prey when it feels the vibrations generated by animals passing overhead."

Apparently the investigation that was done on livescifi and broadcast on YouTube, one of the investigators, David Spinks was attacked by such a creature which brought on a sever choking episode. John Zaffis was then aware what was going on and started to pray in defense of the unseen entities and possible mythical creature.

This was definitely pointing to the possibility of the Skin Walker that is legened to attack humans at will when least expecting this. The land surrounding the house could hold this entity close at bay. They are also known to kidnap people according to the reports of especially migrant farm workers disappearing.

"The reptilian "Corn Demon" is associated with cultivation and it is thought to burrow beneath the earth. Reports indicate there are migrant workers who claim the Corn Demon will lurk in higher elevations during the winter, moving up out of the bottom lands where the fields would of course lie fallow. Under these circumstances, this predator would need to seek sustenance elsewhere, perhaps by feeding upon the newly buried dead, as some claim."

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