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Possible skin care concerns when using NeriumAD

My before and after photos using Nerium for 5 days
My before and after photos using Nerium for 5 days
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NeriumAD is the new skin care product that has been the latest buzz of the beauty industry. When offered the opportunity to try it, I agreed to use it both day and night for five days and take before and after photos. Tonight concluded my trial and you can see the results for yourself in the before and after photos. The photos were not originally intended to be posted publicly, but the results indicated they should be shared.

Although the oleander plants from which Nerium is derived have been used in folk remedies for centuries, the latest skin care incarnation, NeriumAD, claims it got its start as a possible cancer cure, because oleander extracts cause cell death in cancer cells. However, oleander extracts can cause cell death in healthy cells, too.

Does this mean NeriumAD will kill skin cells? Not necessarily. In a clinical trial sponsored by Nerium, the product was deemed safe. However, a trial sponsored by Nerium itself isn't the same thing as an independent clinical trial, so the facts appear to be inconclusive.

The doctors at barefacedtruth seem to think there is a possible danger of chemical burns and major inflammatory events using Nerium oleander extracts. My own experience somewhat bears this out. My sensitive skin became very inflamed and developed several blemishes over the five-day trial.

Stay tuned for Part 2 -- My review of NeriumAD

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