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Possible sighting of Bahia Bisharat

Did Bahia run away or was she taken?
Did Bahia run away or was she taken?

Over the weekend, a woman believes she saw missing nursing student, Bahia Bisharat, at a Sedalia, Missouri restaurant, roughly 2-and-a-half hours from her college, where she was last seen. There were no security cameras at the dining establishment to confirm the sighting, but police are following up to see if the teen was, in fact, in the area.

As of now, it seems to police that she is missing on her own, citing no indication of criminal activity. Her family disagrees with this, saying Bahia has never run away before and nothing had seemed out of the ordinary prior to her disappearance.

She was last seen at a Darden Hills, Missouri satellite campus of St. Charles Community College. Her car was found parked in the campus parking lot, unlocked. Security footage from inside the school shows nothing of consequence and there are no cameras focused on the lot where her car was found. A note found inside the car may have been left, saying goodbye, but it's unsure at this time if it was written by the teen.

Where is Bahia? Was it her the woman saw? If so, how did she get so far away without her car? Someone would have had to seen her, or helped her. More than likely, it was probably a mistaken identity, but even if it was her, she's still missing today. Did she run away, like police think, or are her parents right in thinking she was kidnapped? It has been almost a week since anyone has heard from her and she has no cell phone or credit cards, two things that are almost necessity these days. This has also slowed the search, as they don't know where to look. It's as if she vanished with no trace. Hopefully law enforcement is right and she really is fine, just out spreading her wings, and will return soon. But there's still a fair chance that it's not that at all. If you have seen Bahia or know where she is, please call 911.