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Possible new Indiana Jones movie in the works


Indy may be back one final time.

Even though the last movie in the Indiana Jones series left a lot to be desired (It was a giant fail in my book) Lucas and Spielberg have decided to have one final go at the movie character that took us on so many adventures in the 80s. (Best of the 80s dedicated an entire post to Mr. Jones.) Cinematical is reporting that Stuff has the skinny on a final film in the series and this time, they're returning to Indy's roots.

Of course there are always rumors that one sequel or another is being made (in fact, this same rumor surfaced right around this time last year), but Stuff seems to have some new details. Shia Lebouf, who debuted as Indy's son in the last film, is reportedly set to return. Plus, this time their adventure will lead them straight into the Bermuda Triangle.

Stuff's source reported that both Lucas and Spielberg almost have the script together and that Harrison Ford had agreed to star in what will be the fifth and final movie in the series. Lexington native and Indiana Jones fan, Ryan St. Clair, isn't so happy with the idea of yet another film in the franchise, "I don't think they should do another Indy film. I just wish they'd let us have our memories and leave the movies from our childhood alone."

However, all of this is still a rumor and until we get official word, we can all sit back and then possibly wonder how Indy's going to fare this time. In the meantime, satisfy yourself with a glimpse back at the original trailer for Raiders of the Lost Ark.



  • Kenneth Schortgen Jr 5 years ago

    Shia and Harrison both said the last movie was a stinker... would love to see some new director blood take the mantle for a future movie in this franchise.

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