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Possible Lung Cancer Vaccine

According to the article: Study brings renewed hope for Stimuvax as a potential lung cancer vaccine
published on The Global Dispatch website on March 21, 2014 there may be new hope for patients suffering with lung cancer.

So far the studies have good news for mice with lung cancer. The medication boosts the mice immune system and reduces the number of tumors in the mice being tested.

In the article is states that Michael DeGregorio a UC Davis professor of medicine says: ‘We are looking at tecemotide as a potential maintenance therapy to prolong survival and improve quality of life.’

Tecemotide is also known as Stimuvax.

To see the UC Davis article: Potential lung cancer vaccine shows renewed promise

To help lessen the possibility of contracting lung cancer don’t smoke and don’t breath second hand smoke, also there is such a thing as third hand smoke which you breath in when sitting on furniture that has the smoke in the fabric or curtains, sheets, pillows, etc.

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