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Possible KRE-O Magic figures in the future?

From Cybertron to the Blind Eternities for these bricks?
From Cybertron to the Blind Eternities for these bricks?

With the recent announcements of new types of Magic merchandise, the possibilities seem endless for what spinoff products could be coming out next. One type of collectible in particular seems to be on the minds of many people - and one that is definitely a more-than-remote possibility.

First, when vicisaposer asked Mark Rosewater on his Tumblr blog, "Are you gonna collect the funko toys? I wish MTG figures were more legoesque (like Kubricks, for example), chibi heads are not my cup of tea," Mark responded:

There is no person on the planet who more wants Kubrickesque Magic figures.

Mark Rosewater's support doesn't necessarily mean something will be made, of course - if that were true we'd have several more silver-bordered sets in existence - but it does mean a lot, as does fan outcry.

Then, when zemyla asked, "Since KRE-O is a Hasbro crossover toy, could we eventually get Magic KRE-Os?" Mark replied:

One can only hope. : )

Known for their successful Transformers and G.I. Joe Lego-esque building toy lines, KRE-O would definitely be one of the companies Hasbro would turn to for another similar cross-promotion for Magic.

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