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Possible iPhone 6 back plate appears in new photo

iPhone 6 Back Plate
iPhone 6 Back Plate
Photo Courtesy of - MacFixIt

According to Austrailain site, MacFixIt, a post dated May 30 claims that they have their hands on what they believe is a picture of the back cover to the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. Details of the new Apple device have been hard to come by, but slowly more details about the rumored 4.7-inch device are beginning to bubble up to the surface, and this latest picture seems to confirm that Apple will indeed be changing it's design ethos to incorporate a larger screen in their next smartphone. Previously Apple had stated that they believe larger screens are nothing more than a fad, and that 4-inch screens are the optimal size for form and function, but it appears that Apple have given in to the demand for a larger iPhone.

The picture that has leaked shows the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (covered in a green plastic coating), and not the 5.5-inch iPhone that has also been talked about. Apple seems to be changing the overall shape of the new iPhone back to earlier devices such as the 3gs. The current iPhone and previously the iPhone 4, and 4s featured cleaner lines, and sharper corners, but the back plate in the pictures shows that the new iPhone could go back to having rounded corners, and there appears to be a slight curve across the back of the case overall, which will help make the phone feel more comfortable in the hand.

At the top of the case you will see the cutout for the camera and flash (separated by a sliver of silver), while at the top and bottom of the case you will notice the two antenna breaks. In the middle of the case you will also notice a cutout of the Apple logo, which could be a sign that Apple will introduce a design cue from the Mac, a Apple logo that lights up when the device is powered on.

The picture released today is of course up for much debate, and nobody will really know what the next iPhone will look like, simply because Apple always keeps their cards close to their chest. If the picture is indeed of the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 though, it will certainly appease many current iPhone users who have been longing for a phone with a larger display. The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced in the fall of 2014

Source: MacFixIt