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Possible images from 'From the Vault: Annihilation' leaked

Is the image set of the cards real or fake?
Is the image set of the cards real or fake?
Wizards of the Coast

Thanks to a post on Reddit, images from the upcoming "From the Vault: Annihilation" have hit the web.

According to the original post, the image is that of the "paper insert" that is included inside the box. While they are not the cards themselves, the insert clearly depicts what each card is. The post even lists the cards. Here they are:

  • Armageddon (new art)
  • Upheaval
  • Firespout (new art)
  • Child of Alara
  • Virtue's Ruin
  • Rolling Earthquake
  • Wrath of God (new art)
  • Smokestack ( new art)
  • Burning of Xinye
  • Cataclysm (new art)
  • Living death (new art)
  • Decree of Annihilation (new art)
  • Fracturing gust
  • Terminus
  • Martial Coup

There is no official word if this is real or not. However, leave it up to the internet to always be the first to have this kind of information. A clue that may lead others to believing that the images are real is that the "Wrath of God" is the same image that was used in the official advertisement that was released this past weekend and made official by Wizards of the Coast.

A thing to note is the exclusion of a particular card many people were speculating would make an appearance. That card is "Damnation."

So what do you think? Is this real or is this fake? Only time will tell. "From the Vault: Annihilation" hits stores everywhere on August 22, 2014. Hop on Twitter now to discuss it using the hasgtag #MTGANH.

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