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Possible Google app could simplify WiFi hotspots

A Google app in the works could simplify internet hotspots.
Flickr Creative Commons, Sean MacEntee

Google could make WiFi a little less of a process. Engadget reports on Feb. 20 that the tech giant is currently working on an app that would take away the login process of WiFi hotspots. The app, both iOS and Android versions, would automatically authenticate and connect to free wifi hotspots where they are available, like in Starbucks locations.

Though the app for Android is currently being tested at HQ, there’s still no official word it will be released. Engadget's sources have hinted that the app would rollout at a time to coincide with launching WiFi connections in all of the Starbucks locations in the U.S. Users would connect to “Google Starbucks” rather than the AT&T hotspots you can now find, and it would be without ever having to click a button.

Google also announced this week another effort involving WiFi. Google is searching for the next location to give city-wide internet to. They are currently looking at what it will take to expand Google Fiber connections in 34 cities in the U.S. and may even be looking to deploy more in Canada.

Google’s WiFi-mindedness also extends to donating $600,000 to giving 31 San Fran parks free WiFi for two years.

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