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Possible death penalty: Man meets girl, takes her home, kills her, and eats her

36-year-old Lisa Hyder was allegedly murdered, decapitated, and eaten by 37-year-old Gregory Hale on or around the evening of June 6.
36-year-old Lisa Hyder was allegedly murdered, decapitated, and eaten by 37-year-old Gregory Hale on or around the evening of June 6.
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Most women today remember the solid relationship advice that their mothers have been giving them since they were children. The advice, don't go anywhere with strangers, has been drilled into the heads of children and women everywhere, particularly in an age where Craigs List killers and the death penalty are a topic of every day conversation. This was advice that was sorely needed by Lisa Hyder from Coffee County, TN whose family members now describe her as a lost soul. Had she heeded this advice, Lisa Hyder might still be alive today. The New York Post has reported on June 11 that on the evening of June 6, Lisa Hyder called her ex husband for a ride, and her ex husband never heard from her again.

After that phone call the details of the events that would lead to the death of Lisa Hyder remain unclear. They are details known to only two souls, one who is now lost, and another who is now in prison on a $1.5 million dollar bond. The family of Lisa Hyder is requesting the death penalty for a Gregory Hale, who allegedly met Lisa after her conversation with her ex husband Charles Hyder. After meeting her at a liquor store, he took her home, sat around a fire with her, killed her, and then reportedly ate some of her body parts according to the New York Post.

But what happened between Lisa going to the liquor store that night, and later ending up in plastic buckets at the home of 37-year-old Gregory Hale? Shortly before going to the liquor store, Lisa telephoned her ex husband Charles Hyder and asked for a ride home. He was working at the time, according to the New York Post, and told her he would pick her up when he was finished. He would never speak to her again.

By the time he arrived home that evening, in all likelihood, 36-year-old Lisa Hyder was presumably deceased. By all reports of the incident, Lisa went to a liquor store in Manchester, TN on the evening of June 6. Reportedly she met Gregory Hale there, and was invited back to his home for an unofficial date and a drink. Within hours, she would be dead.

Had Lisa taken some time to Google her new friend at the liquor store, or heeded the stranger danger advice extolled by mothers everywhere, Lisa might be alive today. Gregory Hale has a long history of strange behavior, including satanic rituals and a wide body of postings on his Facebook page that just about anyone would consider creepy.

He also reportedly worked at a local meat processing plant in the past, and co-workers described weird experiences with him. On some occasions Greg reportedly would take home bones, eyeballs, and animal body parts after work. The Daily Mail reports that Greg was fired from that job after his employer discovered that he was performing satanic rituals with deceased animals.

A self-described Satan worshiper, comments and postings on Gregory Hale's Facebook page confirm these suggestions as his posts were largely cannibalistic and emphasized killing. Gory images of blood and other such things were posted on his Facebook, with one photo reading, "I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard."

A February dated post was dedicated to known serial killer Richard Ramirez who died while in prison in June of 2013. Greg Hale's dedication to Ramirez stated, " “R.I.P. Night Stalker….Wish I could have met U…” reports the New York Daily News.

Mickey Lane the District Attorney General told local media outlets that the local authorities had been tipped off to the incident when a neighbor to Hale called in the situation. The neighbor had reportedly been beckoned by Hale to help him dispose of Lisa's body parts. The Coffee County General Sessions Court then immediately issued an arrest warrant.

When local detectives arrived at the home Hale shared with his parents on Pete Sain Road in Manchester, TN Hale admitted to the killing. He also confessed to beheading Lisa, removing her hands and her feet, and burying her body underneath the fire pit.

Officers also found "at least two plastic buckets filled with human remains" on site as well according to The Daily Mail. Lisa's torso was buried underneath the fire pit, and pieces of the body that could not be recovered were explained by Hale when he stated that he had consumed parts of the body after he dismembered it according to his arrest warrant. The 37-year-old alleged murderer did not state what the motive behind his confessed killing was.

Charles Hyder may never forgive himself for the events that played out that evening. He told WAAY TV,

"I still blame myself because I didn't go get her, but I was down in Huntsville unloading my truck, and I wished I could have been there a little bit faster, usually I rescue her every time something goes wrong. It's really hard. I really loved her. No matter what she done, I loved her. I wouldn't want nobody to go through that."

Single mothers are among the most vulnerable to such atrocities. Lisa Hyder was a mother of 5, whose 5 children lived with their fathers. One of those fathers was the ex husband of Lisa, who is grieving her loss today with her 5 children.

Another was Richard Roberts, who commented on one of the media releases of the events, "This is Richard Roberts. I was married to lisa I have 2 children by her please pray for her kids and loved ones please this is a hard situation."
Lisa's cousin Samantha Paas gave the response of the immediate family to WAAY TV,

"The way she had to leave this world is not right. She had suffered from an addiction to alcohol probably her whole life. She had some troubles, she had a really rocky life and we say that she was a lost soul."

Gregory Hale is facing charges of first degree murder and also charges involving indecency to human remains and corpse abuse. He is sitting in the Coffee County Jail on a $1.5 million dollar bond and is scheduled to appear before the Coffee County Courts on June 23. The family of Lisa Hyder is seeking the death penalty according to the New York Post.

What are your best dating tips or relationship advice for dating strangers in the world of online dating?

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