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Possible Conspiracy spoilers: Dack Fayden?

After all these years, he could finally 'walk from the comics to a real product.

Dack Fayden is the greatest thief in the multiverse, and not just because he insists on being called that. He's been witness to some of the most important events in the history of multiple planes throughout his four-years-running Magic comic book series by IDW, which always ties in to the current block. But, as he's not a main-continuity character - he never directly participates in block storylines on the Creative team's behest - he seemed doomed never to get his own card.

Then Conspiracy was announced, and the Magic rumor community became more hopeful than ever for a supplementary product exclusive planeswalker. And in the world of intrigue that Conspiracy presents, who would fit better than Dack?

Some very compelling evidence for such a card came to light today on the SocialMTG Tumblr in the form of an unexplained image showing the left portion of a planeswalker card named Dack Fayden.

If this is legit, despite the lack of sources, we know that Dack is part blue (most likely blue-red) and that his +1 ability starts with "T" (probably "Target") and that his next ability is a -2. And that's... all we know at this time. Conspiracy is the only release he can be in for the previously stated reasons. As he is a thief and a renegade, expect his abilities to focus on control-changing shenanigans.

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