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Possible conspiracy in case of Erin Corwin, missing wife of Marine

Possible conspiracy in case of Erin Corwin, missing wife of Marine
Possible conspiracy in case of Erin Corwin, missing wife of Marine
San Bernardino Sheriff's Department/Released photo

Another day, another new development in the case of Erin Corwin, the missing and pregnant wife a Twentynine Palms Marine corporal; this time a suggestion of a possible conspiracy, either in her death or an effort to cover up her death.

Erin disappeared on June 28, and yesterday law enforcement confirmed they had arrested her neighbor, Christopher Brandon Lee, 24, in connection with the case, a move that shocked most who had been following Erin’s mysterious disappearance.

Today’s L.A. Times had explosive information reportedly from Nicole Lee, wife of Christopher Lee, a former Marine. In the article Lee’s wife allegedly told a witness, “detectives would never find her body”, referring to Erin Corwin. She also suggested that detectives had “missed something” when they searched the garage in their home. That information was according to a search warrant that was made public earlier in the week.

The L.A. Times went on to write:

The wife of Christopher Lee told the witness, Isabella Megli of Yucca Valley, who was subsequently interviewed by detectives, that without 19-year-old Erin Corwin's body, investigators "did not have a case against them," according to a search warrant issued July 8 in San Bernardino County Superior Court.

‘Did not have a case against them…Would never find her body.’ Most reporters, investigators, and detectives would read both of those statements as conspiracy or complicity, or both.

The allegations that Erin and Christopher Lee were having a sexual relationship surfaced shortly after the investigation went full-throttle. Prior to that, law enforcement personnel from several departments had treated the case as a missing person’s case. Now they are actively looking for a location, or locations, of a crime scene, especially after spent shell casings were found during one of the searches.

Deputies from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department have scoured the desert, the White Rock Horse Rescue facility where both Erin and Christopher volunteered, and several homes and cars. Although evidence is piling up, detectives are being tight-lipped in releasing information fearing the case will be compromised.

Leland Boldt, captain of San Bernardino's Specialized Investigation Division said in a press release that investigators were not only looking for a crime scene but “potential evidence of foul play.”

Corporal Jonathan Corwin, husband of Erin has apparently never been a suspect in the case or even a “person of interest” a term authorities often use until an arrest is made. He first reported her missing 24-hours after she had left the house at 7 a.m. Saturday the 28th, supposedly for a trip to the Joshua Tree National Park.

No one has totally ruled out the prospect that Erin left voluntarily; however the revealing statements from Lee’s wife would seem to discount that possibility. Christopher Lee denied being with Erin that day, but admitted that he had been hunting in that same National Park.

Until Erin, or her body, can be found it remains to be seen who the father of the unborn child is.

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