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Possch Fashion Boutique Celebrates Grand Opening in Trendy NOHO Arts District

Possch Fashion Boutique Celebrates Grand Opening, NOHO Arts District
Possch Fashion Boutique Celebrates Grand Opening, NOHO Arts District
Antwan Smalls at One Fresh Photo

The trendy NoHo Arts District home of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, upscale cafes and art galleries has a new addition to the neighborhood. Possch boutique celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, February 7th.

Urbana Chappa, Designer & Stylist, Possch Fashion Boutique Grand Opening, NOHO Arts District
Antwan Smalls at One Fresh Photo

Possch is a fashion boutique for men and women showcasing some of the hottest and trendiest labels such as Nasty Gal, Yes, TBA, Ron Bass, Elevin Paris, UNIF, Made in hell-a, Generic Surplus and Dareen Hakim to name a few. Possch provides essential shoes and apparel for the fashion forward man and woman. Possch displays innovative designs in a showroom style set-up displaying only one-of-a-kind garments which provide a platform for the craftsmanship and details of the product as well as the illusion of a client’s dream closet.

Possch features multi-talented in-house designer and fashion stylist Urbana Chappa, which also carries her fashion line “Maison de Urbana.” Chappa a Texas native is of Black, Persian and Spanish descent. She is also a talented singer in addition to her career as a fashion stylist. She sang background for rap artist Rah Digga. Chappa’s fiancé Bruno Mars, Producer, Singer and Songwriter, Phillip Lawrence was proudly supporting his fiancée’s accomplishments. Chappa and Lawrence have two beautiful children Zadeh and Zaima. Choppa has styled a number of celebrities such as Grammy songwriter, Diane Warren, actress, Natasha Henstridge, singer Stacy Francis, actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield and motivational speaker Lisa Haisha. Chappa has presented her “Maison de Urbana” fashion line at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

At the Possch opening Choppa debuted her line of fashion burqas, which she renamed the “Burqana” the burqa through Urbana.

Q: What was behind the inspiration to make burqa (The Burqana) a fashion trend?
UC: My father is Iranian and I didn’t really know him. I was trying to learn my heritage. In the Muslim culture women are required to wear burqas (a loose garment covering the body and having a veiled opening for the eyes). The burqa is a religious piece and I was inspired to create my line around it. The eyes are the windows to the soul and the women who are forced to wear a burqa can only connect through their eyes. So many people adhere to the standard of beauty thinking they have to show off a lot of skin. When I think of the burqa it is just the eyes on display. I wanted to do a take on that, coming up with an idea to just showcase the eyes. After researching the history of the burqa, I was inspired to create a line of fashion burqas which I re-named the Burqana.

For my Burqana’s I used lace, bright colors and beading to showcase the burqas. I hope it becomes a trend. Many Muslim women living in America are very fashion forward. We have a lot of women who want to wear them and here in America we don’t have the restrictions on what we can wear. You don’t have to show much skin to be noticed.

Q: What’s next for you?
UC: I’m excited to get more clients into Possch. Our boutique has New York and European design flair. I want to have a personal relationship with the clients that I work with. I’m also working on a kid’s line and my second fashion collection. I’ve tapped into my Persian roots. At Possch exceptional client service is provided by our unique in-store stylists. I’m continuously inspired to create and come up with designs just from sitting in my rose garden, different cultures and music. I’m also very charity conscious and I want to change the world through fashion.

The Possch Grand Opening brought out celebrities from Bravo’s“ Shahs of Sunset,” Mike Shouhed and his fiancée, Jessica Parido and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, LA Clippers basketball player, Matt Barnes and his wife, Basketball Wives LA, Gloria Govan.

Reality star Mike Shouhed shares why you should shop at Possch and how to develop a sense of style.

Q: What would you like to share about Possch boutique?
MS: First, it was awesome seeing these two young guys who are the owners of Possch become entrepreneurs and see their faces light up. It’s always great when you see people following their dreams and they did this by opening Possch. Also, seeing Urbana (Chappa) who is an amazing and talented designer and stylist come into her own tonight was great. She had the idea to style the models with her “Burqana.” It was great to see her talents showcased and see everyone that came out so excited and appreciative of her skills. At the last minute she decided to have my beautiful fiancé Jessica, also model “The Burqana,” which was genius! The Burqana accentuates a woman’s eyes. It’s a really cool movement that Urbana has created and if women are afraid to rock it they should give it a try.

Q: What tips and tricks would you like to share for men who admire your sense of style?
MS: I haven’t always felt I was stylish. I’m a very low key guy and typically I’m in tee-shirts and jeans. I’m the kid of immigrant parents who came here to America and I had no idea about fashion and the Western ways to dress. My parents would buy me shoes from Payless and colored socks, but they didn’t know any different. They didn’t know where to shop they had just came here from Iran. It was a hard process growing up and when I was old enough I started to grow into my own style over time and fine tune it.

I let my personality do my talking for me not my clothes. Clothes accentuate the person. You can rock jeans that are inexpensive or a Hanes tee-shirt from Target. It’s the shoes that have to be on point, whether it’s a pair of Converse or Chuck Taylors. Less is more and you can never go wrong with black, it’s slimming and sleek. You can wear what you want, but you have to have confidence in whatever you rock.

Possch boutique features an 1800 square foot inviting space that includes modern interior design elements that complement the custom design amenities located throughout.

Possch is located at 5144 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601. For more information about Possch and hours of operation visit their website, phone 818-508-2446 or email Follow Possch on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow Urbana Choppa on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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