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Could it be the fountain of youth or the path to longevity? KUNDALINI YOGA IS CONSIDERED TO BE AN ANCIENT SCIENCE and combines movement, physical exercise, breathing exercises and techniques, meditation, prayers, mantra's, chant's and postures. Kundalini means "the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved" which is a poetic metaphor, yoga means "Divine Union". There are many types of yoga with same goal....establish the union with you and your universal self. KUNDALINI YOGA IS THE MOTHER OF ALL YOGA and refers to flow or energy, consciousness, existing in every one of us, where you merge with our universal self. For thousand of years, This sacred science and technology was veiled in secrecy, passed along only in oral tradition from Master to chosen disciple in India. First taught in USA, California by Yogi Bhajan, PH.D in 1969. Yogi Bhajan believed that the science of the total self is the birthright of human beings to be healthy, happy and holy to make healthy life choices. Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO: The Healthy, Happy & Holy Organization, a World Wide, non-profit foundation and it offers classes in kundalini yoga, mediation, vegetarian nutrition. Balance inner and outer world with Kundalini Yoga, it's effective, efficient, easy and helps you make healthy life choices. In your first class you can feel changes in mind and body and deeper changes and experience feeling awake, aware in the present and healthier when practiced regularly. It produces dramatic results, your waistline gets smaller, feeling 100% of our true potential, 100% of possibilities and recognizing the power within you. Yogi Bhajan specifically designed to strengthen your nervous system, detox, destress and awaken your spirit, energize your body and relax your mind, and it's the easiest style of yoga to learn. Kundalini helps you become that person who owns their power, recognizing your divinity, your life purpose, making the impossible, possible. We are all spiritual beings having human experiences, so make it pleasurable! Designed to wake up your Kundalini energy, it's our essence we all have, we are born with it, our LIFE FORCE, OUR CREATIVE POWER, lays at the base of the chakara (color is red for grounding) where it can lay dormant, it's the 4th Vertabre of spine and strengthen your intuition, your inner voice. With the chant's and mantras, the sound vibrations awakens your spirit, energizing your body, getting you physically fit, mentally fit and emotionally fit! The oxygen and blood flows leaving you feeling relaxed and calm and allowing your body to receive, strengthens your adrenals, kidneys, connected to your true self. Break unhealthy routines, habits and behavior, can't keep anger or sadness, past is gone, future is present.

The Sacred scriptures of hinduism date back to the 5th Century B.C. provided a written description of Kundalini by the Upanishads but oral tradition dates back even further. Integration happens with mind, body, soul & spirit all connects and becomes one, oneness with the universe, whole,wholeness peace, joy, health are the goals of life. Self awareness to your higher consciousness is a gift to all, it brings good vibrations and you'll look younger, happier & radiant!

Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and old routines and create the life of abundance!


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