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Positive thoughts shape you

I’ve shared many times how we experience approximately 20,000 thoughts daily. If you think of these visiting impressions (many are unwelcomed) as if they are waves from the ocean of life, you can visualize them coming ashore and then washing back out. Imagine how often the beach is impacted by the tide, it this good or bad? It really depends on how you look at it.

It really isn't as scary as you think it is; go within to calm your world.
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You can control your perspective by focusing on positive thoughts that shape you much like waves shape the shoreline or you can focus on all of the negative thoughts and allow this to erode your spirit much like the eroding edge of the beach.

When we use our imagination and paint this beach scene through our mind’s eye, it is easier to understand that we are separate from our thoughts. This is so important to appreciate because once you realize that you can control which thoughts to engage and which to push back out to sea, you will manifest a lifetime full of sunny days. Why, because even if it feels like a rainstorm you’ll find a way to be grateful for it, perhaps your garden needed watering.

Doesn’t this sound wonderful? If so, you can start changing your world just by repeating out loud these very empowering words, “I am not my thoughts, and these judgments do not define me.”

How did that feel? Anytime something pops into your head that is unpleasant, say these words again, “I am not my thoughts, and these judgments do not define me.”

Next, step into the present moment by grounding yourself. Feel your feet against God’s great earth. Touch something, observe your world; in the present moment, there are no regrets and you do not feel guilt because guilt is about something that happened in the past not in the present. You do not feel anxiety, fear or worry, because this is about something that hasn’t happened yet, it involves the future not the present moment.

It’s already feeling sunnier to me? How’s your world feeling?

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