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Positive New Year's resolutions #6 - Learn to love a Biker

Santa's Toy Parade - Sarasota, FL 2008. Santa - Lou Brigham, service manager of RV World in Nokomis.
Santa's Toy Parade - Sarasota, FL 2008. Santa - Lou Brigham, service manager of RV World in Nokomis.
Gail Hunter 2008

Love those bikers! Beneath every Vrooom Vrooom lies a heart beating to give help where there is need, be it toys for children, money to help individuals with medical bills, or to raise awareness of other causes.

It’s all about attitude. Instead of growling about all the bikes on the road, recognize the fact that they keep moving, they’re not talking on the cell phone (usually), and they are conserving gas.

Picture a glorious sunny day on the open road – along comes an orderly phalanx of headlights, could be twenty bikes, could be 40 or more. Men and women, boys and girls out to worship nature with the sun in their faces and the wind at their backs.

‘Hey, look! There’s a woman…two. Plenty of them, and they’re on their own bikes.’ That used to be startling, but nowadays? Have you noticed? Women are everywhere. What will this world come to? Speaking as one of them, ‘Ain’t it grand?’ But we still cook and clean.

Enough! Has the point been made? Most bikers don’t deserve the bum rap they’ve been given. Sure, there are some bad apples, but show me any group and I’ll find some rot.

So, for 2010, get to know a biker, smile and say ‘Hi.’ I’ll bet you get a big smile in return.

Check out some biker sites. Do you secretly want a Harley? I do.

And for real inspiration:

And a couple of tips if you are following a biker:

  • Leave plenty of room to stop – rear ending a car is a lot less damaging than rear ending a bike.
  • The biker is not hogging the road when he/she is on the left side of the lane – he/she is riding there to be visible in the mirror of the driver ahead of him/her.

Have more simple tips? Put them in the comments for all to see (and learn) Thanks

*Memory Lane: Speaking of rotten apples – do you remember watching Captain Kangaroo with your kids? Remember Tom Terrific – that hapless hero wannabe and his eternal foe, Crabby Appleton? Crabby Appleton – Rotten to the core!

New!  Check out the Senior Cruises - and as we say to the sailors,




  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion to love a biker - we are a great bunch!

  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Never hurts to remind your readers to love all us bikers!

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