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Positive discipline...part 2


photo by D-squared/StockXchng

Children are always trying to find their place in the scheme of life. It may sound strange, however children want to belong and have a sense of self. When they are young they try certain behaviors to see what their boundaries are. It is our job as parents, preschool teachers, and other caregivers in a child's life, to give them opportunities and be positive role models. Being a positive role model helps teach them how to make good choices and how to be responsible.

To be a positive role model sometimes includes us admitting when we made a mistake and are sorry. By doing this doesn't mean that we are any less of a parent. We are showing our children that it is okay to make a mistake, you fix the problem, and then you go on from there. That is the best way to teach your child and show them people makes mistakes. As parents, we do make mistakes at times and that is okay.

In the book "Positive Discipline" by Jane Nelson, she explains that today we don't give children enough opportunities to feel significant through responsibilities. Without this, children feel they have to manipulate situations in order for them to feel like they belong. This book is a wonderful guide for parents and very informative and gives you an insight on how children think and why they might be demonstrating certain behaviors.

Positive discipline can be done without spanking or punishment. Parents sometimes have a misconception that they have to have the last word. Sometimes children are just trying to get our attention. What a better way to get a parents attention then to do something you're not supposed to do.

Understanding consequences and making them logical play a key role in helping our children learn how to make choices. Many parents don't stick with consequencs because it could be interfere with their schedule. Without conequences we are teaching our children that their actions have no consequences, and these children are the future. It is cliche to say, however it is true. The children today are going to be our future leaders, doctors, teachers, and citizens. This gives us something to think about for our children today and our future.

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