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Portsmouth cat recovering after having been shot with an arrow through his head

Carl the cat has survived thanks to the Shawnee Animal Clinic and people who are helping with his medical bills. The best news is that Carl now has a new home and doesn't have to worry about malicious acts of cruelty anymore.
Portsmouth Pickers FB

In Portsmouth, Ohio, Carl the cat has proven that cats truly have nine lives. According to a report by news station, the stray cat is now recovering from a callous, inhumane act of animal cruelty after he was shot in the head with an arrow while sitting on top of a car at the Briar Berry Trailer Park on Route 104 in Lucasville on Thursday.

The evil act was initially reported by Amber Rose Bant McDonald on a Facebook page, called Portsmouth Pickers where residents in the area post items they want to sell. On Thursday, following an offering of Similac and a washer and dryer for sale, several distressing photos of a brown striped cat appeared showing the arrow through his head.

"...He is still alive the vet said they wont know any damages till tomorrow because they gave him some pain medicine, and they sedated him so they can remove the arrow. This cat is a stray cat that the 80 year old lady kind of took in...she feeds him and he sleeps on her porch. She couldn't see to let him suffer like this and paid for him to go to the vet at Shawnee Animal Clinic. We had the sheriff out, and he said there wasn't anything he could do because we didn't see who shot this cat.This lady has agreed to pay the estimated vet bill of $475 because someone wanted to be stupid and cruel...I just want to warn people to watch their animals and their children that play outside that live in and around this trailer park. Thanks!"

According to the animal clinic owner, Tim Wells, the arrow, "penetrated the base of his head and actually had gone through his right ear canal."

The folks on Facebook have been outraged at the random act of cruelty, and state they now know who did this to Carl the cat. Meanwhile, Carl is one lucky little guy; he has found a home, and although he may need one more operation to fix his ear canal, was last spotted sitting comfortably on his new family's lap enjoying his convalescence.

If you would like to help with Carl's medical bills, please click here to donate to the Shawnee Animal Clinic. It's just not right that an 80 year-old-woman should have to pay for some "punk's" cruelty.

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