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Portrait: Michael Maddox

Michael Maddox is excited about the future of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts.
Michael Maddox is excited about the future of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts.
Michael Maddox

Michael Maddox has been the interim director of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake since Nov. 15, when he agreed to take the position for six months. Maddox has 38 years’ experience in promoting and organizing concerts at major venues throughout the United States and overseas; he’s since branched out to arts festivals and fund-raising activities.

Maddox became involved with the TLCA while helping his wife, debi Story Maddox, with her art exhibits there; he also served on the board of directors for more than a year and booked the Jerry Burgan “Songs and Stories” concert, held in May 2010.

Why take on this job? “It was my desire to help elevate every aspect of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, thereby making it more attractive to not only the general public, but also to granting agencies, philanthropists, and benefactors,” Maddox says.

Applications for permanent director are being accepted, and a decision is expected by the end of May.

“I have informed the board of directors that I have so enjoyed serving as the interim executive director that I would like to remain in the position,” he says.

Maddox has been busy planning two shows to be held in May. The first, tentatively called “Abstract Jungle,” will be a modern art exhibit curated by Marianne Gunter, owner of the late, lamented Gallery Two-Ten in downtown Colorado Springs. The other exhibit will be a futuristic sculpture show by Gary Weston, called “Night Gallery.” Both shows are scheduled to open 6-9 p.m. May 13.

He has great hopes for the arts center’s future.

“In one year, I expect the TLCA to be recognized as the major arts and concert destination between Colorado Springs and Denver. Within five years, I fully expect the TLCA to have doubled in size in terms of exhibit space, studios and classrooms. That will also translate into major exhibitions and concerts featuring nationally recognized artists. Within 10 years, I fully expect the TLCA to be second only to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center as an acclaimed, fine arts institution.”

Maddox also foresees a ripple effect from the TLCA to Palmer Lake and the surrounding communities. “The TLCA, as it continues to expand its outreach and draw greater numbers to its events, will greatly benefit all of the local businesses. Soon, that impact will also be realized for the Monument and Larkspur communities,” he says.

The TLCA is at 304 Highway 105, Palmer Lake. The former livery stable, wool-processing plant and railcar-repair facility was converted to an arts center in the late 1990s. It’s open noon-4 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays; call 481-0475 for information.

Michael Maddox also is an author, PR agent and life coach. Read more about his work on his site.


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