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Portland Timbers pick UC Riverside player in SuperDraft

Aaron Long former UC Riverside player chosen by Portland Timbers
Aaron Long former UC Riverside player chosen by Portland Timbers
Gabriel L. Acosta /

Aaron Long is a defender who played for UC Riverside was selected by the Portland Timbers in the second round of the MLS SuperDraft. Many UC campuses such as Cal, UCLA, UCSB and UC Irvine often have players selected during the draft, but UCR often lacks the talent of the other campuses. Not this year. If players like him keep being selected, they will put UCR on the map.

Long was selected seventeenth in the second round and thirty-sixth overall. It's not the greatest spot, but it definitely important. He was still chosen in the first two rounds, and beat out many other players from all campuses who are still awaiting to be chosen in the third or fourth round of the draft. Riverside has had players in the SuperDraft who were never chosen. The last two years 2 players were chosen during the MLS Supplemental Draft not the SuperDraft; Long is evidence that Riverside's talent pool is getting better.

Long put a lot of work into his skill. He was a member of club soccer for the southern California's Arsenal FC. He also spent some time playing for FC Tucson last year. Long's dedication to the sport really proved to be fruitful after being selected by the Timbers. The Timbers only get better every year, and its fans are one of the best of the league. It is a truly great start to his professional career.